Lawn Sprinkler installation

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Lawn Sprinkler Systems in Vaughan

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Mist Systems:

Enjoy your patio all summer long. Make your outdoors feel cool and inviting in the hottest of summer. At WaterTime we fully design your mist system to your needs, cooling your patio, sitting area and pool side by 15 to 30 degrees.

Landscape lighting:

Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest way to add beauty and security to your home. Highlighting you landscape and walkways at night. Enjoy entertaining long after the sun has set. 

Full system installations               

System designs

System add-ons

Inground Sprinkler Systems:

Start up

A proper spring "START-UP" is extremely important. It will uncover any "over-winter" issues, and set your system for optimal watering for the beginning of the season. 

  • Test, Program the timer/controller

  • Test all zones

  • Check performance & adjustment of all heads 

Mid-Season Inspection

The middle of the season is the perfect time to see if your in ground lawn sprinkler system is working as it should. A re-programming of the timer is essential to adjust watering rates according to the season.This service is usually reserved for Commercial systems or large residential systems.


A proper "BLOW-OUT" is essential for the protection of your system. A minimum of 90cfm is needed to clear irrigation lines. To protect your investment, the winterizing must be done right.

Full  Installations Of Sprinkler Systems , Landscape Lighting , Mist Systems.